The Importance of Video Marketing Your Small Business

Since the birth of television in the 1920’s, the world has had a growing need and obsession with video. Think about how many kids would rather watch a video than read a book. Adults with money to buy your product or service are the same exact way. Now, I’m not saying you should rely on video alone, but it can only help you make more sales.

Why Video Marketing Can Boost Your Sales

It’s all about attention and communication. It’s much easier to have your potential customer click play and what a compelling marketing video than it is to get them to read paragraph after paragraph of marketing copy. Unless they are extremely interested in what you have they will only skim through your text, but as long as your video is good and to the point, they will most likely watch the entire thing.

There Is No Excuse Not To Use Video

Right now, if you are reading this then there is a 99.99% chance you have a smart phone with a built in camera. The reason why most people don’t utilize the power of video marketing is because they don’t have confidence and they feel it won’t be good enough. You need to get over comparing yourself to others, then you will be able to market your services through video with confidence.

Videos Work 24/7

What if you had employees that you did not have to pay, they never took a break to eat or sleep and worked 24/7 to help grow your business? Well, that exactly what videos are. No matter what time of day your potential customer wants to watch your videos they are there to communicate and start building that relationship for you.

The 2 most important parts of effective video marketing are value and consistency. If give free value to people interested in what you offer on a regular basis then you are building trusting relationships with out even having to be there in person. If you are interested in more video marketing tips for your business then I suggest you check out the digital marketing institute. Also, the video below has some great tips to improve your skyrocket your business using video.